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Cancer News

Cancer “Cloud” Could Lead to More Effective Treatment

Storing cancer data in the "cloud" could help pave the way for more individualized therapies. more »

Tiny ‘Speed Bump’ Device Could Sort Cancer Cells

Two Johns Hopkins engineers have found a way to use gravity or simple forces to sort microscopic particles and bits of biological matter. more »

CBID Students Take Top Prize in 2012 BMEidea Competition

The winning design, Cyropop, is a low-cost device that uses dry ice to treat cervical pre-cancerous lesions in low-resource settings. more »

Protein Switches

Johns Hopkins researchers devise a protein switch that turns cancer cells into tiny chemotherapy factories. more >>

Engineering in Surprising Places

Engineers are moving into a host of new fields...Meet three Whiting School Faculty at the Forefront

Studying Cells in 3-D to Advance Cancer Research

Studying cell behavior in a 3-D environment has provided Hopkins engineers with some surprising results. It's information that could help prevent cancer's spread. Listen to the interview on WYPR>> More>>