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Schulman Receives CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Rebecca Shulman has received a CAREER Award for her work in DNA self-assembly and self-organizing biomaterials. more »

Steering Stem Cells

A team of Johns Hopkins engineers has solved a major stumbling block to growing new blood vessels in a lab. more »

New Early Warning System for Seizures

Sridevi Sarma, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, devises new seizure detection software that could lead to fewer false alarms. more »

Five Siebel Scholars Named

Five JHU Engineering doctoral students named to the 2012 class of Siebel Scholars will receive $35,000 each to use in their final year of graduate studies. more>>

CBID Students Blog from Asia and Africa

Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design students report from Asia, Africa and India while studying the health needs of the poor. more>>

A Better Way to Collect Stem Cells

WSE grad students invent a system to boost the number of stem cells collected from a newborn's umbilical cord and placenta. more >>

Engineering in Surprising Places

Engineers are moving into a host of new fields...Meet three Whiting School Faculty at the Forefront