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Research News

FastForward Technology Accelerator

New Johns Hopkins technology accelerator gives startups a boost. more »

Microscopic Metallic Bubbles

Recent findings show that microscopic bubbles in metallic glass can signal serious trouble. more »

Magnetic Field Misbehavior

The magnetic fields in solar flares sometimes break widely accepted rules of physics. more »

EPA National Sustainable Design Expo

Two Johns Hopkins student teams traveled to D.C.'s National Mall last week to show off their “green” ideas at an EPA-sponsored event. more »

Cui Receives CAREER Award

Honggang Cui receives NSF CAREER Award for work on cancer-fighting nano-sized structures. more »

Foster Receives CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Mark Foster receives a CAREER award to develop a high-speed imaging system with a wide range of applications. more »

Using Tweets to Track the Flu

Analyzing up to 5,000 tweets a minute, Johns Hopkins computer scientists estimate the proportion of the U.S. population with the flu. more »

Schulman Receives CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Rebecca Shulman has received a CAREER Award for her work in DNA self-assembly and self-organizing biomaterials. more »

Steering Stem Cells

A team of Johns Hopkins engineers has solved a major stumbling block to growing new blood vessels in a lab. more »