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FastForward Technology Accelerator

New Johns Hopkins technology accelerator gives startups a boost. more »

2013 BMEidea Winners

Johns Hopkins students win two top awards in national biomedical Engineering challenge. more »

Microscopic Metallic Bubbles

Recent findings show that microscopic bubbles in metallic glass can signal serious trouble. more »

Magnetic Field Misbehavior

The magnetic fields in solar flares sometimes break widely accepted rules of physics. more »

Rising to the Challenge

Johns Hopkins this month has launched its $4.5 billion fundraising campaign, the institution's largest-ever capital campaign. more »

Tiny Tools Offer New Biopsy Approach

Swarms of untethered "grippers" offer a new approach to conducting biopsies that could provide a way to treat early disease. more »

EPA National Sustainable Design Expo

Two Johns Hopkins student teams traveled to D.C.'s National Mall last week to show off their “green” ideas at an EPA-sponsored event. more »

Dean Nicholas P. Jones Named Penn State Provost

After 25 years with the Whiting School of Engineering, Dean Jones is moving on to an exciting new challenge. more »

Promising Low-Cost “Cooling Cure” for Newborns

A Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering undergraduate team has devised a low-tech $40 unit to provide protective cooling. more »

Somnath Ghosh Awarded 2013 ASCE Medal

Somnath Ghosh, director of the Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory, receives the Nathan M. Newmark Medal. more »

Computer Model May Help Avoid Brain Damage

K.T. Ramesh’s team develops a new technique to determine which jolts, collisions, and awkward movements increase risk of brain damage. more »

Jin Kang Named Jammer Professor of Electrical Engineering

Jin U. Kang has been named the Jacob Suter Jammer Professor of Electrical Engineering. more »

Cui Receives CAREER Award

Honggang Cui receives NSF CAREER Award for work on cancer-fighting nano-sized structures. more »

Foster Receives CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Mark Foster receives a CAREER award to develop a high-speed imaging system with a wide range of applications. more »

Using Tweets to Track the Flu

Analyzing up to 5,000 tweets a minute, Johns Hopkins computer scientists estimate the proportion of the U.S. population with the flu. more »

MechE Senior Wins Churchill Scholarship

Tiras Lin wins prestigious Churchill Scholarship to study at Cambridge University in England. more »

Schulman Receives CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Rebecca Shulman has received a CAREER Award for her work in DNA self-assembly and self-organizing biomaterials. more »

Health-Care Sector Vulnerable to Hackers

“I have never seen an industry with more gaping security holes,” says Avi Rubin, technical director of the Information Security Institute. more »

Steering Stem Cells

A team of Johns Hopkins engineers has solved a major stumbling block to growing new blood vessels in a lab. more »

CBID Projects Selected for Tech Funding

Maryland corporation established to accelerate commercialization of new technologies awards nearly $300,000 to Johns Hopkins projects. more »

High-Tech Teamwork

Scientists seek smoother partnership between humans and robots. more »

Nguyen Wins CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Vicky Nguyen wins CAREER Award to study the growth and remodeling of collagenous tissues. more »

WSE Receives $5.4 Million Gift

L. Gordon Croft, a 1956 JHU grad, has made a $5.4 million commitment to the Whiting School of Engineering. more »

FastStitch: The Future of Suture

A BME undergraduate team has won the 2012 Collegiate Inventors Competition with a new suturing device. more »

Cancer “Cloud” Could Lead to More Effective Treatment

Storing cancer data in the "cloud" could help pave the way for more individualized therapies. more »

Improving Hearing Prosthetics

Research offers insight into how the brain processes timbre with findings that may improve hearing prosthetics. more »

The Promise of Computational Medicine

A Science Translational Medicine article outlines a new approach to understanding, detecting, and treating disease at the individual level. more »

NSF Selects Fellows for Sustainability Research

The National Science Foundation selects two promising WSE postdocs to work on energy-related projects. more »

Shape Matters in DNA Nanoparticle Therapy

Researchers discover that the shape of nanoparticles is key to treating cancer and other diseases. more »

Researchers Aim to Boost the Flow of Wind Energy

Johns Hopkins researchers lead $6 million, multi-institution effort to boost the intermittent flow of wind energy into the power grid. more »

Melody Swartz Receives MacArthur Fellowship

Swartz, who graduated from Hopkins in '91 with a degree in chemical engineering, has won a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant. more »

Improving STEM Education in Baltimore City Schools

Johns Hopkins researchers launch a $7.4-million program to improve STEM education in nine Baltimore elementary schools. more »

Five JHU Engineering Students Named Siebel Scholars

Students recognized for their role in advancing prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiac disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases. more »

The Next Generation of Miltary Aircraft

Johns Hopkins researchers establish a new Air Force Center of Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling (CEIMM). more »

Collagen-Seeking Protein Could Lead Doctors to Tumors

Research at WSE could lead to a new type of diagnostic imaging technology to seek cancer, arthritis and other disorders. more »

2012 DARPA Young Faculty Award

Two members of the WSE faculty, Jaafar El-Awady and Amy Foster, have received the 2012 DARPA Young Faculty Award. more »

“Provocative Questions” in Cancer Research

Peter Searson, professor of materials science and engineering, has been awarded a National Cancer Institute grant for cancer research. more »

Student Blogs from Asia and Africa

Hopkins Engineering students blog from Asia and Africa as they study world's pressing health care needs. more »

Carb Loading

High school students from our Engineering Innovation summer program put pasta to the test in our annual Spaghetti Bridge Competition. more »

Sridevi Sarma Wins PECASE Award

Sri Sarma receives the PECASE, the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. on scientists and engineers in early stages of their careers. more »

Hemoglobe Wins “Savings Lives at Birth” Grant

An undergraduate biomedical device wins $250,000 for its potential to screen women and children for anemia. more »

Sea Level Rise May Hit California Hard

Civil engineering professor Robert Dalrymple chairs an NRC report that predicts a sea level rise in California due to global warming. more »

Master Molecule May Lead to New Heart Treatments

A single protein molecule may hold the key to new treatments for heart attack patients. more »

The Freestyle Square-Off

In time for the 2012 Summer Olympics, fluid dynamics expert Rajat Mittal tackles one of swimming’s toughest debates. more »

Tiny ‘Speed Bump’ Device Could Sort Cancer Cells

Two Johns Hopkins engineers have found a way to use gravity or simple forces to sort microscopic particles and bits of biological matter. more »

Dalrymple Appointed to Water Institute Advisory Council

Civil Engineering Professor Robert Dalrymple was appointed to the Water Institute of the Gulf's science and engineering advisory council. more »

Installation of Edward J. Schaefer Professorship

Pablo A. Iglesias will be installed as the Edward J. Schaefer Professor in Electrical Engineering at a dedication ceremony Monday, June 4 more »

CBID Students Take Top Prize in 2012 BMEidea Competition

The winning design, Cyropop, is a low-cost device that uses dry ice to treat cervical pre-cancerous lesions in low-resource settings. more »

Groundbreaking of Malone Hall

WSE will break ground for Malone Hall, a new engineering building on Homewood Campus, at a ceremony Wednesday, May 23. more »

Russell H. Taylor Named Inaugural John C. Malone Professor

John C. Malone will present the named professorship to Taylor at a dedication ceremony Wednesday, May 23. more »

Danielle Tarraf Wins Excellence in Teaching Award

Assistant Professor Danielle Tarraf wins teaching award. more »

Diagnosing Fever by a Thread

A new self-test shows promise in diagnosing the underlying cause of fever. more »

More Room for Data Memory

Previously unknown properties of a common memory material pave the way for new forms of memory drives, movie discs and computer
systems. more »

Trayanova Named Murray B. Sachs Professor

Natalia Trayanova has been named the inaugural Murray B. Sachs Professor of Biomedical Engineering. more »

Homewood Scholarship Video Celebrates Student Stories

The Annual Homewood Schools Scholarship Lunch features the stories of several undergraduate recipients. more »

JHU Business Plan Competition Winners

WSE engineering students won in two of three categories at this year's JHU Business Plan Competition! more »

Hopkins Baja Teams Finishes in the Top Ten

Tired and muddy, Hopkins Baja Team members returned home after their best finish ever, ninth in the 2012 SAE Auburn Event! more »

Big-Screen Research at Hopkins

The Department of Computer Science is developing "the drafting table of this century," a 12-by-7-foot video display with motion-sensing controls. more »

Hermansky Named Smith Professor in Electrical Engineering

Hynek Hermansky has been named as the Julian S. Smith Endowed Professorship in Electrical Engineering. more »

Outside the Box: Self-Assembling Nanostructures

David Gracias pioneers self-assembling 3-D micro and nanoscale structures that promise to revolutionize medicine. more »

Electric Knifefish Charged with Sixth Sense

Looking to nature to inform design of underwater robots that travel through murky waters and collect valuable data on coral reefs or oil spills. more »

US Navy Young Investigator Research Award

Mounya Elhilali and Mark Foster receive awards from one of the most selective scientific research advancement programs. more»

New Early Warning System for Seizures

Sridevi Sarma, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, devises new seizure detection software that could lead to fewer false alarms. more »

Engineering Bacteria to Transport Nanoparticles

David Gracias explains gluing nanoparticles to bacteria, moving toward bacteria that one day might deliver medical packages to living cells. more »

NCIIA’S Open Minds Exhibition

BME undergrads demonstrate an integrated bunch biopsy for skin cancer diagnosis at the annual NCIIA's Open Minds Exhibition. Check out their medGadget interview and video. more »

March Madness: Admissions Countdown Begins

Letters are printed, mailing bins are ready...On Thursday, March 29, all undergrad admissions decision letters will be mailed. more »

Congrats to Margarita Herrera-Alonso on CAREER Award

Herrera-Alonso's research aims to better understand the structure and property relationships of new polymers inspired by nature. more »

Biomedical Engineer Wins Sloan Fellowship

Feilim Mac Gabhann won a 2012 Sloan Research Fellowship for his work to develop new ways to treat major human diseases. more »

A. Prosperetti named to National Academy of Engineering

Andrea Prosperetti receives one of engineering's highest distinctions for work in the fundamentals and applications of multiphase flows. more »

Congrats to Seth Guikema on CAREER Award

Guikema's work focuses on improving the reliability and sustainablity of power and water systems. more »

Carol Reiley Talks Surgical Robots in MAKE Magazine

Carol Reiley is the first female engineer to grace the cover of this quarterly publication. more »

Ostermeier Research Cited in Discover Magazine

Marc Ostermeier's work on killing cancer from the inside is cited as a breakthrough finding in Discover Magazine. more »

Avi Rubin Talks Computer Security at TED

Avi Rubin discusses the latest computer security issues in this TEDxMidAtlantic 2011 talk. more >>

NFL Player Gives Back

Hopkins Engineering's Allison Watts appears on ESPN after receiving a scholarship from NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards. more >>

Congrats to Our Newest Students!

Congratulations to our admitted, early-decision Class of 2016 members! Join us on Facebook. more >>

Wound-Treating Jelly Aids Skin Repair

A specially designed hydrogel works wonders to re-grow skin in burn patients. more >>

Somnath Ghosh Named Callas Professor

World-class researcher in civil egineering and computational mechanics named Callas Professor. more >>

Robots May Fix Satellites in Space

Medical robots may get the new job of fixing NASA's satellites. more >>

Cyclone Sweeps the Series!

Powered by rubber bands, Walt Mayfield and Khari Douglas' Texas Cyclone wins the annual MechE freshman design competition. more>>

Chesapeake Bay Shows Signs of Rebound

JHU water quality research shows signs of gradual improvement in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. more >>

Prospective students get to know JHU

Annual Overnight and Open House programs help prospective students experience the Homewood campus. more >>

Jhpiego Receives Multi-Year Award for Medical Innovation

A multi-year award expands Hopkins biomedical engineering efforts to save the lives of the world's most vulnerable people. more >>

JHU iGem Team Places in Sweet Sixteen

JHU's iGem team placed in the Sweet Sixteen at MIT's world championship! More on their super-nutritious VitaYeast. more >>

JHU Astrophysicist Wins Nobel Prize

Congratulations to JHU's Adam Riess who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. more >>

Noah Cowan Wins PECASE Award

Noah Cowan receives the PECASE, the highest honor bestowed by the US on scientists and engineers in early stages of their careers. more >>

Protein Switches

Johns Hopkins researchers devise a protein switch that turns cancer cells into tiny chemotherapy factories. more >>

Five Siebel Scholars Named

Five JHU Engineering doctoral students named to the 2012 class of Siebel Scholars will receive $35,000 each to use in their final year of graduate studies. more>>

Digital Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Dispose

JHU computer scientists apply real-world trash management tactics to a new era of computer cleansing. more>>

Hurricane Irene: JHU Offers Engineering Experts

From predicting power outages before a hurricane strikes to understanding the damage left in its wake, WSE experts weigh in. more>>

Whiting School Welcome

The Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins introduces our newest five faculty members. more >>

JHU Orientation

Welcome students and parents to Orientation 2011! For all your move-in information, click here. more >>

CBID Students Blog from Asia and Africa

Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design students report from Asia, Africa and India while studying the health needs of the poor. more>>

Spaghetti Bridges Test High School Students

More than 300 students nationwide participate in JHU's Engineering Innovation program, finishing up with this tough task. more >>

“Operation da Vinci” Wows at Film Festival

JHU's whimsical video "Operation da Vinci" wins the Audience Award (by Twitter vote) at first-ever Robot Film Festival. more >>

Hands-On Learning

Students pursue everything from high-octane adventures to understanding the importance of protective football helmets. more >>

You Are What You Tweet

By sifting through busy banter, JHU computer scientists track public health trends. more >>

Device Cuts Risk in Dialysis Treatment

 A Hopkins device to cut dialysis risks wins the 2011 ASME Innovation Showcase. more >>

JHU Baja Celebrates Finish

JHU Baja SAE finishes 17th overall in Peoria, the best finish in team history. Check out this super-charged sales presentation video. more >>

A Better Way to Collect Stem Cells

WSE grad students invent a system to boost the number of stem cells collected from a newborn's umbilical cord and placenta. more >>

Adversity is the Great Educator

Jim Pitts, of Northrup Grumman, tells 2011 graduates that adversity brings meaning and challenge. more >>