Johns Hopkins Engineering | Winter 2013 Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University

High-Energy Innovator Named as New Dean

T.E. “Ed” Schlesinger brings a record of bold leadership, exceptional scholarship, and innovation to his new role as the Benjamin T. Rome Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering. 

Surviving the Shake Test

Many scientists consider their research earthshaking. But a project headed by the Whiting School’s chair of Civil Engineering actually did make the earth tremble. 

Engineering a Smarter ICU

Suchi Saria wields innovative tools to make ICUs safer and more intelligent.

Stopping Sepsis in Its Tracks

The threat of developing a fatal infection from a simple cut or minor wound is as antique as the Civil War and as contemporary as the 12-year-old New York boy who died last spring after nicking his arm and scraping his leg while diving for a loose basketball.


Disruptive ideas, findings and products.

The Buzz

Engineering terms in the news.

Lab Notes

Bubbles in glass and treating irregular heart rhythms with light.

Sea Sentinels Signal Ocean Changes

Ethereal and remarkably beautiful, sea butterflies (L. helicina) are curious marine creatures that have evolvedto have a unique—and somewhat bizarre—approach to swimming. 

When Joining the Club Makes Cents

While the toxic fallout from the financial services and banking crises engendered America’s Great Recession and economic hardship worldwide, it ultimately resulted in new, unexpected business opportunities.

Juggling: Not Just Fun and Games

The beauty of juggling as a system of study is that it is a mathematically simplified version of human locomotion.

Crystal Ball

As we move our economy out of coins and bills and onto the Internet in the form of e-money such as Bitcoin, what privacy concerns lie ahead, and how might we address them?

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