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Whipping Up Wind Power

Johns Hopkins engineers are devising better ways to design and manage large-scale intermittent wind power. more »

Music to Our Ears—But How?

How do you tell the difference between the sweet notes of a piano and the vibrant swell of a violin? Assistant Professor Mounya Elhilali may have the answer.  more »

An Olympic Debut for Scoring System

Invented by Hopkins Engineering alum Jin Song '79, a new high-tech sensor-based scoring system for Taekwondo proves to be a game-changer. more »

To Dig or Not to Dig

Archaeologists turn to high-tech tools to give them a picture of where the world's historical and cultural treasures are buried. more »


Disruptive ideas, findings, and products...more »

Pining for Answers

Deciphering the loblolly pine's genome is no walk in the park; it's seven times as long as the human genome. more »

Partnering to Improve World Health

Michael J. Klag, dean of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reflects on a historic ollaboration between engineering and public health. more »

Crystal Ball: How will engineering advance our understanding of metastasis?

How will engineering advance our understanding of metastasis, and ultimately lead to improved treatments and therapies for cancer? more »

Paper Chase

A team of Johns Hopkins undergraduates have created a novel design to turn rice into paper for young students in Ethiopia. more »

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