Johns Hopkins Engineering | Winter 2013 Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University


Digital Defense

Using an array of sophisticated new analytical tools, Whiting School engineers are pushing to build better blast walls, buildings, and body armor. more »

Wall of Discovery

A new, high-tech video display in the Brody Learning Commons could change the way students learn, teachers teach, and researchers work. more »

On the Move

By cultivating cancer cells in a 3D environment, Denis Wirtz and colleagues are finding new clues to metastasis—and better strategies for preventing cancer’s deadly spread. more »

Big Ideas: Insights and DiscoveryInsights and Discovery

Whipping Up Wind Power, Music to Our Ears—But How?, An Olympic Debut, To Dig or Not to Dig, Pining for Answers, Paper Chase, and more.

Whiting School News

A community affair, consumed by cars, a White House Fellow’s national perspective, the right stuff, fast lane to proteins, back to the future, and more.

The Science of the Thrill

Heart-stopping thrills abound, when freshmen biomedical engineers head to Six Flags to “make” science.

JHU Engineering | Summer 2013