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Fragile Foundations

Cities across the country —and around the world— are falling apart from the inside. The Whiting School is uniquely positioned to lead the way in assessing, modeling, and monitoring 21st-century solutions.

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Cities on the Edge: As if aging bridges, roads, pipes, and transmission lines weren’t enough to worry about, there is another stealthy challenge facing cities in developed and developing nations around the world: rising sea levels.
Stop the Leak: Worldwide, an estimated 30 percent of treated drinking water is lost through leaks, breaks, and other shortcomings in water delivery systems.
Planning for Surprises: Planning for an efficient electric grid system means being able to predict not only where demand will be greatest but also where the electricity will come from.

Getting Their Hands Dirty

Student groups tackle important problems--It takes more than lectures and lab time to learn how to be an engineer. From building ingenious structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows to repairing desperately needed medical equipment for disadvantaged countries, to creating an autonomous robotic helicopter, WSE undergrads are getting real-world experience.

Answers for Africa

Ndubuisi Ekekwe, PhD ’09, refuses to stand by and watch his homeland miss the train on technological innovation.