Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine, Winter 2009

Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine, Winter 2009

Return of the Paper Ballot

RESEARCH: E-voting expert, Avi Rubin, argues for an audit trail

Designing Minds: A Transforming Safety Solution

Students' device aims to protect electric utility workers

On the Ground in Afghanistan

ALUMNI MAKING NEWS: Major Raymond DeGennaro II ’89, a former BME major, now serving dual roles while stationed in Afghanistan

Knowledge for the World Campaign a Success

Whiting School of Engineering raises record $162 million

From the Archives: The Evolution of Robotics

A history of building a robotics program--and robots--at Johns Hopkins Engineering

Tracking Nano-Metal Marauders

RESEARCH: How many nanometal oxides, tiny particles now commonly found in products ranging from paint  and cosmetics to medical devices, make their way into the lungs?  At what point may they pose a health risk? INBT researchers have received NSF funding to find some answers.

Corporate Connections: Meeting of the Minds

Whiting School-Synthes symbiosis provides exceptional opportunities for all.

No Batteries Required

Running on rubbber-bands and mousetraps; first-year mechanical engineering students design cars for competition

Beyond Voxels

RESEARCH: Modeling Porous Materials

Civil Engineering Meets NanoBio

RESEARCH: Taking lessons from nature; graduate student Lindsey Smith applies civil engineering principles to cellular structures

On the Slopes

ALUMNI MAKING NEWS: Andrew Chen '93, MA '94, MD is combining his medical skills and love of skiing in a new role: Head Physician to the U.S. Ski Jumping Team

Strength in Numbers

Peer-led learning enables Calculus II studenst to benefit from each other's strength--and boost their academic performance.

News Briefs

David Gracias receives a 2008 National Institutes of Health New Innovator Award and faculty promotions are announced.

Crystal Ball: What Natural Disasters Loom…and How Can We Mitigate Them?

Coastal engineering expert Robert A. Dalrymple, was named to Wired magazine’s “2008 Smart List: 15 People the Next President Should Listen To.” 

Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine, Winter 2009

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