Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine, Winter 2009

Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine, Winter 2009

The Terawatt Challenge

From finding new catalysts for fuel cells to better understanding wind energy’s wake, Hopkins researchers are stepping up to meet the global need for energy that’s abundant, cheap … and clean. By Mike Field

Joint Strength

Five years ago, the Whiting School of Engineering and the Applied Physics Laboratory decided to formally combine their research and design expertise for a wide range of cutting-edge projects. The results have been nothing short of groundbreaking. By Geoff Brown '91

The Great Meanderer

In his 51 years at Johns Hopkins, where his Friday afternoon field trips have become the stuff of legend, Reds Wolman '49 has shaped the brightest minds in geomorphology--and forever changed the field. By Maria Blackburn

Return of the Paper Ballot...The Evolution of Robotics...Tracking Nano-Metal Marauders... Knowledge for the World Campaign a Success...No Batteries Required...Strength in Numbers...and more.

Priming the Pipeline for Female Engineers...A Weekend to Remember...Charles Shivery's Staying Power...and more.

Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine, Winter 2009

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