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FastForward This!

A new Johns Hopkins technology accelerator gives startups a boost. more »

Healing Wonders of Hydrogel

A simple substance comprised of a water-based, three-dimensional network of polymers shows amazing promise fortreatment of third-degree burns. more »

Who’s on First?

The challenge of scheduling each year’s thousands of professional ballgames is a complex business that one Whiting School researcher is now taking on with the help of students. more »

Getting a Grip on Better Biopsies

By using swarms of untethered grippers, each as small as a speck of dust, Johns Hopkins engineers have devised a new, more effective way to perform biopsies. more »


Disruptive ideas, findings, and products created by WSE faculty, students, and alumni. more »

Crystal Ball

How can we better engineer hospital ICUs to improve safety for patients? more »

Ferreting Out Illicit Drug Data

Hopkins engineers have developed a computer algorithm to provide doctors, policymakers, and law enforcement, real-time information about the dangers of new chemical concoctions. more »

Making Sense of Data

Ari Balogh ’86, MS ’89 oversees data storage, network infrastructure, and cloud computing at Google. more »

ISO: “Boutique Algae”

Hopkins researchers seek to engineer a commercially viable, environmentally friendly process to link wastewater treatment and biofuel production. more »

Lab Notes

Research briefs from around the Whiting School. more »

The Buzz

Engineering terms in the news. more »

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