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Extreme Impact

K.T. Ramesh's Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute units the brightest minds nationwide to conduct basic research into what happens to materials subjected to extreme impact.

Surgical Tools Get Smart

With the Hopkins' Engineering Research Center for Computer Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology, Jin Kang develops smart surgical tools that improve human dexterity.

Measuring Peace and Quiet

Nick Miller '66 sets out to determine how much man-made noise is appropriate in a park by figuring out how to measure natural quiet.

Computational Mechanics Takes Flight

Somnath Ghosh of the Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory studies cracks in planes to guide the structural design of future aircraft.

Health Care Records for the Homeless

A pilot project by Avi Rubin and Johns Hopkins Medical students pioneers electronic medical records for Baltimore's homeless population.

Dropping the F-Bomb

Security researcher Brendan O'Connor MS '08 has dropped a big one with his latest invention: a little spy computer that he has dubbed the F-BOMB.

Not-So-Unlikely Bedfellows

Edward D. Miller-the Frances Watt Baker, MD, and Lenox D. Baker Jr., MD, Dean of the Medical Faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine-, who retired June 30, offers parting words.

Dolphin Diet

Whiting School professors team up with the National Aquarium, Baltimore to study the health implications of dolphins' diets.

The Buzz: Trending Engineering Terms

Big-screen research, diabesity, and stellar homicide.....

Lab Notes

Satellite surgery, and memory boost...

On Opportunity and Legacy

Three endowed professors share thoughts on Hopkins Engineering and their fields of expertise.