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Bio Bots

From cockroaches to fruit flies, from moths to DNA strands, next-gen robots are finding inspiration in living things to navigate faster, maneuver better, and self-replicate with dizzying speed.

The New Language of Anatomy

At the vanguard of imaging science, Michael I. Miller is working in new dimensions that hold tantalizing promise for the early detection and treatment of disease.

In the Swim

Just in time for the Summer Olympics, we look to Professor Rajat Mittal to analyze the swimmer's freestyle stroke, in an attempt to answer once and for all: Which method is fastest?

Insights and Discovery

Extreme impact, surgical tools get smart, measuring peace and quiet, health care records for the homeless, dropping the F-bomb, and more

Whiting School News

Breaking ground for Malone Hall, water and the Wolman legacy, a new chapter in library conservation, bubble man, gateway to engagement, and more

Next-Gen Smart Cars

Will three years of teamwork and tinkering on a student-made robotic car result in a contender?