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Alumni respond to the Winter '09 issue of Johns Hopkins Engineering magazine

Transforming the World of Consumer Electronics

RESEARCH: Setting Standards: Trac Tran's method for image tranformation is taking the computer world by storm.

Modeling Better Glaucoma Treatment

RESEARCH: Vicky Nguyen's reserach in the mechanics of eye pressure may lead to better testing procedures and new therapies for glaucoma.

Final Exam: Twitter-Jay and the Recyclists

An intrepid student team of “Recyclists” shows its pluck in Baltimore's 11th annual Kinetic Sculpture Race.

A Tuition Break for Alumni and Students

Beginning this fall, Hopkins undergraduates and alumni pursuing full-time master’s degrees in engineering at the Whiting School of Engineering will receive a 50 percent tuition grant.

From the Archives: For Those on the GI Bill, College was Serious Business

The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 provided tuition assistance to veterans--and had a profound impact on Johns Hopkins.

A Forward-Thinking Career

ALUMNI MAKING NEWS: Percy A. Pierre, PhD ’67 has been a White House fellow, assistant secretary of the Army, engineering college dean, and university president. In 2008, he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

An Organic Approach to Semiconductors

RESEARCH: Professor Howard Katz and his team aim to produce plastic semiconductors that transport electrons—which could vastly expand the scope of energy-conversion and storage devices.

Corporate Connections: Launching a Robust Partnership with Raytheon

Raytheon selects JHU Engineering to provide a new online and on-site systems engineering master's program for top-level employees.

Engineering at Full Throttle

ALUMNI MAKING NEWS: From NASCAR to NASA, Stephen Lee ’02 is on the fast track.

Crystal Ball: In the Future, How Will We be Able to Access the Data We Gather Today?

Sayeed Choudhury ’88, ’90 (MS), director of operations for the new Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES), discusses the future of data storage and access.

Lean and Green

Hopkins engineering students are emerging as leaders in campuswide sustainability initiatives.


Awards and promotions for Whiting School faculty.