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Breaking New Ground

Historic Malone gift ushers in a new era of scientific investigation.

Diagnosing Malaria: There’s an App for That

A cell phone-based biosensor promises to revoluntionize the diagnosis of malaria.

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

Researchers tease out the behavior of stem cells in an effort to repair damaged heart tissue.

A Fish Tale of Complex Learning

Knifefish offer clues about how different complex animals control movement.

The Light Manipulator

A glimpse into the pioneering work of slowing down the speed of light.

Latest Hybrid In Health Care

Some of the most promising health care solutions come from unique partnerships.

Lab Notes

Updates on diabetes, cold-formed steel and wind farms. 

NSF Career Awards

Securing cloud computing, healing hearts and offering promises for Parkinson's disease, three WSE faculty receive the prestigious NSF CAREER award- honoring young researchers who show great promise. 

Conquering the Clock

Master the Moment: Fifty CEOs Teach You the Secrets of Time Management, Pat Brans' book on what makes the most successful people on the planet tick. 

INBT’s New High-Tech Home

A facelift for the Institute for NanoBioTechnology (INBT).

The Buzz

Engineering terms in the news.