Research Highlights

Michael Bevan: Engineering Nanoparticle Assembly Processes

Michael Bevan's research on designing, controlling, and optimizing colloidoal self- and directed- assembly processes is pushing the envelope of science. Read more »

Joelle Frechette: Getting a Grip

Joelle Frechette seeks to uncover the secrets of frog feet in order to create better adhesives and amphibian devices for the military. Read more »

Marc Ostermeier: Flipping the Switch on Cancer

A team of researchers lead by Marc Ostermeier, Professor and Vice Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, have created a molecular switch that activates chemotherapy drugs only within cancer cells. Read more »

Chao Wang: Creating Better Renewable Energy Sources

Wang, a new addition to the ChemBE faculty, studies renewable energy technologies, including photoelectrochemical solar cells, lithium batteries, and fuel cells. Read more »