Department News

Nanosparations by Vector Chromatography: Graduate students discuss radical distribution function with advisor, German Drazer. Drazer's lab looks at the behavior of particles, cells, and macromolecules.


Faculty News

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos reports terrific successes ranging from awards to research funding to publications to other activities. Faculty highlights include exploring cell stress and building with DNA.


Awards and Honors

Marc Ostermeier is promoted to full professor and named department vice chair. Awards for Denis Wirtz, David Gracias, Jeffrey Gray, Sharon Gerecht, Joelle Frechette, and more.


Student Involvement

Kelsey R. Dean '12 researches the chemistry of aqueous systems to understand problems such as the cause of cataracts. And a graduate student group offers a seminar series on public speaking.


Alumni News

James Dietz '93 brings to the Technology Commercialization Advisory Board (TCAB) extensive experience in the semiconductor and printed electronics industries. And WSE's Charles R. Picek "Redfish Charlie" swaps engineering stories.





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