From the Chair

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos portrait

Dear ChemBE Alumni and Friends,

The intellectual drive, innate intelligence, and creativity of our students and alumni never cease to impress me.

This fall, we welcomed 30 new graduate and 100 new undergraduate students, selected from a record-breaking pool of applicants. Five of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows have received faculty appointments at prominent universities this past year. Overall, the professional successes of our alumni and their tremendous support of our department are outstanding.

But, it is the recent achievements of our faculty that I find most extraordinary. Although 47% of our faculty are assistant professors, in FY 2012, the average research expenditures per faculty member in ChemBE was over $875,000—a truly impressive accomplishment in this challenging economic environment. Our faculty also have an excellent publication record, averaging more than six peer-reviewed papers per year. And while they are renowned for their research activities, ChemBE faculty are also outstanding educators and dedicated mentors, as evidenced by the teaching and mentoring awards they receive every year.

Given these factors, it is clear that ChemBE will excel in the years to come, while we remain focused on our core mission of developing leaders who will explore uncharted engineering, scientific and medical frontiers for the benefit of society.

Best wishes,

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering