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  • ‘Shocking’ Design May Save Lives

    Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering students have designed a lightweight, easy-to-conceal shirt-like garment to deliver life-saving shocks to patients experiencing serious heart problems. The students say their design improves upon a wearable defibrillator system that is already in use.

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  • Design Day 2012: Student Interviews

    Students present their innovative medical devices at Design Day 2012. Design teams consist of students at all levels—from freshmen to seniors, and masters students—working in teams solving problems involving biomedical engineering design. more...

  • TheraCord: Blood Collection Device

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation in the department for Biomedical Engineering at the Whiting School of Engineering hosts its annual Design Day to showcase student research. ...more...

  • CBID Students Live on CNN!

    Call it climbing to the top of the bracket. Call it the Final Four. But whatever you call it, call it impressive. Here are two students discussing one project on CNN. more...